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Friday, January 18 2008
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HasanMotorsports.com is intended to provide a high level overview of the process of taking a 5.7l GM LS1 and squeezing it under the hood of a 1996 BMW Z3. This site should in no way be seen as a step-by-step tutorial, but rather a peek inside a little project I tackled not too long ago.

The Beginning

The project officially got started on November 5, 2005 when I received payment for my Downing Atlanta Supercharger that I had previously installed in my Z3. This is a supercharger which was completely rebuilt just a few months prior in hopes of boosting to around 10psi with the help of NickG to keep things safe. In those couple of months between the rebuild and me selling the DASC kit I found myself drawn again and again to places such as:

Vorshlag - Home of one of the first e36 LS1 conversions
Torque Central - Site with many RX-7 LS1 conversions
LS1 Tech - LS1 dedicated site with a dedicated "Conversions/Hybrids" forum
Nash - Another e36 LS1 conversion site, that includes step-by-step instructions

Prep work actually began around November 11, 2005 when I started removing things such as radiator, exhaust, driveshaft, and other misc items which can be removed without much effort. The pictures on the right were taken on November 21, 2005 when Mike, Mark, and John stopped by to assist with the motor/transmission pull.

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